Sunday, January 16, 2022

Hotel Rates

We all know how Chihuahuas hate to be left on their own. Dogs left at home for hours on a daily basis will become isolated, bored, destructive and in worst cases aggressive.

At The Chihuahua Hotel we can keep them stimulated so when they are picked up they are excited to see you but they are calm and balanced.


At The Chihuahua Hotel we offer a loving ‘home from home’ environment. We have very limited availability as we pride ourselves on our devoted and individual attention. If you are going on holiday or just a long weekend away, book your little ones in with us.

For an overnight stay £25 for 1 dog and then £10 for each additional dog from the same household.

 This fee includes all their food, steak, fish or chicken meal, play times, walks, cuddles and belly rubs. Your dogs will have warm clean beds and cots. For longer stays, a freshen up bath is also included in the price.


I require a pre-stay visit to meet your dog(s) This initial meeting is just to allow our dogs to meet and to make sure they are happy and settled. It is a great opportunity for you to ask any questions and discuss your pups care routine. 

Once we have had this initial pre-stay visit, you are free to arrange any booking dates and details.  

We charge £10 for this initial 1 hour pre-stay visit but we will refund this off your first hotel booking fee. This must be paid via paypal for your pre-stay booking date and time to be confirmed. 

To secure a booking, a 50% non refundable deposit  (25% non-refundable deposit for regular customers) is required. Your booking will ONLY be considered confirmed once this Deposit has been paid. Please be aware that we cannot 'hold' dates. Unless a deposit has been paid, please do not consider the dates required to be secure.

Please note that booking dates may be confirmed by regulars who have previously stayed with us or people who have already had pre-stay visits. Please try to arrange your pre-stay visits as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

We also offer longer trial visits. (2 hour session will be charged at £10 for 1 dog plus £5 for each additional dog- £5 per dog for each additional hour)

DAY CARE service for puppies & dogs.

Sorry, due to holiday cover demands, we are no longer taking regular daycare bookings. 

We do, however offer occasional daycare for one off day trips, wedding or just a long shopping extravaganza if we have the space. Give us a call to check availability.

We charge both hourly rates or daycare rates

Daycare - 4-12 hours (between 9am -9pm same day) £20 (+£10 per extra dog from same household)

This fee includes all their food, steak, fish or chicken meal, play times, walks, cuddles and belly rubs.


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