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Frequently asked questions

Are you Insured? We are fully Insured. We also recommend that you have your pet insurance.

How do I know I am leaving my beloved pet with a trustworthy person? I am an established and licensed dog boarder. I have been CRB (Criminal Records Bureau) checked and Licensed. I can provide character references from Police, Magistrates and Council Licensing officers who have known me for 20 years. You can confirm my license status by calling Bexley council on 020 3045 3900 or checking the link on their website:- Bexley.govWEBSITE (and clicking on the 'list of animal licences issued' . I am proud to say we are one of the very few licensed home dog sitters in the whole borough. Licence number is 18/04173/ABHO. We have been awarded 5 STARS standard for our Dog boarding license. This is the top rating possible.

What is the check in and check out time? We don't have a set check in and check out times and are quite flexible, however we would like to be kept informed on an arrival time. (Late check out fees may be charged) 

How do I know my dog will be happy for a whole two weeks whilst I'm away on holiday? If your dog is staying for a long period I advise a 'trial' day visit and maybe an overnight stay, prior to your holiday. This will ensure your dog is comfortable in the environment and let your little one get to know us. We can talk about the best way to settle a nervous dog or a dog who's never stayed away from home before. 

How are charges paid?  Charges must be pre-paid at beginning of visit (Late check out fees must be paid on collection of dog) Payments can be made by cash or paypal (credit / debit card payments accepted via paypal - 3% charge added for paypal payments)

£5 per hour for short term stays (up to 4 hours) £2.50 for each additional dog from the same household

£20 Day rate stay for any 4 - 12 hour period (hours from 9am and ending at 9pm.) £10 for each additional dog from the same household

£25 over night rate for any period more than 12 hours less than 24 hours. (Hours starting no earlier than 9am and ending no later than 9pm.) £10 for each additional dog from the same household. 

I have never left my dog before and am worried about his/her reaction. If you have not been on holiday since you got you dog, it can be a new experience and worrying time for both of you. I offer mini trial stays to help ease you both in to the new situation. We can work together to help your little one settle and feel completely at home at The Chihuahua Hotel.

Will my dog be Socialized? Yes. All our guests have the option to interact with my dog and my family who are all dog lovers (no children) We occasionally attend small dog meets and fun shows, so providing your dogs are social and friendly, (and you are happy for us to do so) we will attend these events.  

Where will my dog sleep? Your dogs will sleep in crates / cots depending on their preference. They will sleep on their own (unless requested for dogs from same home) for their own safety and comfortable sleep. Dogs will not be allowed to sleep on the bed. 

Do you need to see proof of Vaccinations? Yes. We need to check that your dog has been wormed and that all the required vaccinations and health checks have been carried out. Puppies accepted over 12 weeks with full vaccinations. Dogs showing signs of illness will be segregated for their own and others protection.

What do I need to provide on checking in? The Chihuahua hotel requires up to date vaccination certificates only. We provide all the warm snuggly beds and blankets, food and water your little ones may need. However, if you wish to bring your dogs favourite toy/blanket and their food bowl, to make their stay a little more ‘homely’ that will be fine. 

How many dogs will be staying? We offer a one to one personal service to your dog, so we only have a very limited amount of spaces. Dogs from other families may be staying at the hotel. (only during cross over pick up / drop off periods ) Integration will be careful and monitored. 

What will my dogs day be like? We have lots of play sessions throughout the day both inside and outside (weather permitting) . We love walks in the park and use our local parks, Royal London Parks and also enjoy country walks.

At The Chihuahua Hotel we will work closely with you to understand the behaviour and characteristics of you dog ensuring they will have tailored routine that will benefit a balance of relaxation, learning, and enjoyment 

What will my dog eat? Our guest will have Lily's Kitchen organic dry and wet dog food. We also offer a choice of breast of chicken, sirloin steak or white fish as an addition to their kibble meal. Any special dietary arrangements or requests can be arranged. You may bring your own dog food if you wish. 

What happens if my dog needs regular medication? I have experience with medicating a dog regularly so I have no problem with this. Just leave me clear instructions and I will be happy to follow them exactly. 

What about grooming? The Chihuahua hotel are not professional groomers but will provide a basic grooming service and do have access to a local professional dog groomer who specialises in Chihuahuas and Toy breed dogs. She will come to groom them at the Chihuahua hotel. Appointments can easily be made with prior notice. (extra charges for professional grooming will apply) 

What happens if my dog gets ill or needs a vet? The Chihuahua hotel use a local reputable vet. All vet bills incurred from treating your animal will be the owners responsibility and must be paid in full when collecting your dog. Unless the vet advises the dog to be kept in, we will bring your little one home and care for them as if they were our own. We will contact you and keep you informed at all times.

Are there any rules regarding my dog? Dogs must be socialised with other dogs and people. We do not take aggressive dogs. Dogs must be house trained, unless they are puppies. (who we expect them to make little mistakes!) We cannot take persistent barkers as we live in a residential area.



Please check out my terms and conditions for booking details and information regarding your little ones stay with us here at the Chihuahua Hotel.

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